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Grangewilliam Stud Ltd offers their services on the following terms: 



  1. The horse owner will pay agistment at the rate of $13 + GST per day on a dry mare, $15.50 + GST per day on a wet mare or mare and foal, or $16.50 + GST per day on a weanling or yearling while at Grangewilliam Stud.  Sales preparation will be charged at additional cost.

  2. The horse owner shall be responsible for and will pay all veterinary fees and other charges on their horses. The stud may prescribe treatments at their absolute discretion.

  3. The horse owner shall pay the applicable stallion service fee following a 42-day positive pregnancy test to be carried out by a qualified veterinarian.

  4. The horse owner will pay a foaling fee of $500 + GST should a mare be foaled at Grangewilliam Stud.

  5. The horse owner shall pay all Grangewilliam Stud Ltd accounts by the 20th of the month following the date printed on the invoice.

  6. The horse owner shall pay late payment fees and collection costs on all unpaid accounts.

  7. The horse owner shall pay interest at 2% per month on all overdue accounts.

  8. The horse owner agrees to vaccinate horses for Strangles prior to arrival at the stud.

  9. Grangewilliam Stud will provide all possible care and attention but will not accept any responsibility or liability for the loss of or injury to any horse.

  10. Insurance requirements are the horse owner’s responsibility.  Grangewilliam Stud does not take any responsibility for arranging cover.

  11. The horse owner agrees that Grangewilliam Stud Ltd is entitled to a lien over any horse or its progeny in respect of any charges or expenses which are outstanding irrespective of where the horses are located. Grangewilliam Stud Ltd shall have power to sell the horses and/or progeny if unpaid for 90 days from the date of invoice and for this purpose the horse owner appoints Grangewilliam Stud Ltd as Attorney with the power to sell the horses and/or progeny.

  12. The horse owner grants a security interest in the horse and/or progeny to Grangewilliam Stud Ltd as security for payment of all associated costs relating to the horse and/or progeny. For the purposes of, and to ensure a maximum benefit and protection for Grangewilliam Stud Ltd by virtue of the PPSA (Personal Property Securities Act 1999), the horse owner confirms and agrees that the horse owner intends to, and does grant to Grangewilliam Stud Ltd, a security interest in all of the horse owner’s present and after acquired property as security for the horse owner’s indebtedness and obligations.

  13. The horse owner agrees to promptly do anything that Grangewilliam Stud Ltd reasonably requires to:

  1. Ensure that Grangewilliam Stud Ltd has a first ranking perfected security interest in the horses and/or progeny (and any sale proceeds); and

  2. Enable registration of a financing statement or financing change statement under PPSA.

  1. As the horse owner’s agent (and pursuant to an irrevocable licence granted by the horse owner) Grangewilliam Stud Ltd may enter the property where the horses and/or progeny are held and remove them, without being responsible for any damage caused and the horse owner shall indemnify Grangewilliam Stud Ltd against any claim or costs arising from such action.

  2. The horse owner warrants that he/she is the registered owner of the horse.  Any person sending a horse to Grangewilliam Stud on behalf of a partnership, a company, a trust or other party will also be bound by all conditions as if they were sending the horses on their own behalf.

  3. It shall be deemed that the horse owner agrees to all of these terms upon the arrival of their horse at Grangewilliam Stud.

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